Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ryobi - New products for 2009

Ryobi is leading the market with a revolutionary new product, the world's first cordless drill with automatic gear shift. This means the tool will select the correct gear to suit the material that you are working with. 

It is part of their One Plus system and uses the existing 1.7Ah batteries and charger or the newer 2.4Ah Lithium-Ion batteries. 

The model in question is the Ryobi CDA-1802M 18V Autoshift 2 Speed Drill Driver and is expected to retail at £89.99 including VAT and should be available to purchase by the time you read this post.

Ryobi have also release a new 12V Lithium-Ion 4 piece kit including a drill driver, impact drive, reciprocating saw, circular saw, torch, 12V battery and hard wearing tool bag.  The tools are approx 33% lighter than the existing 12V range and slightly smaller allowing more access to awkward areas or tight spaces.

There are currently 29 power tools in the One Plus range, all powered by either the NiCad or Lithium-Ion batteries making this one of the most flexible cordless tool systems available.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Cordless Power Tools - Amps Vs Volts

Once upon a time, cordless power tools were a pure luxury, very expensive and not very powerful. Nowadays they are common place and can be found in most trade vans, toolbags, workshops or garages.

Cordless power tools are based on their mains powered counterparts, they have similar abilities but lack one thing, continuous power. Over the years, power tool manufacturers have worked hard to design the perfect balance of power to battery ratio. The simple problem is, charging a battery quick enough to continue carry out the task in hand.

Batteries for power tools have come along way in the last few years, NiCd, NiHM and now Lithium Ion, all improving on the overall weight of the tools and how long the tool lasts in operation. The later, Lithium Ion, has greatly added to the success of the cordless power tools industry. With the weight of the battery reduced and a greater amp capacity, the Lithium powered tools are becoming more and more powerful with each passing year.

Battery powered tools are measured in two ways, volts and amps. The voltage is what provides the raw power (torque) for the tool and determines how powerful it can drill, cut or grind, the amps are what defines how long the power will last. Some of the latest Lithium-Ion batteries have a 3 amp capacity and can run for far longer than its equivalent NiCd battery.

Charging has always been the biggest problem facing cordless power tools, use it for 20 - 25 minutes and then charge for an hour. This problem is fast being overcome with the new lithium ion batteries which can hold a charge longer and can charge in as little as 15 -30 minutes.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Marshalltown Tools for Plastering and Drywalling

Marshalltown are a construction tool manufacturer and make tools for trades such as plastering, drywalling, concrete, masonry and archaeology.

Based in Iowa, Marshalltown can be dated back to 1894 when a stone mason, who was working on the local courthouse, approached Mr Dave Lennox with reference to making a better trowel. He kept working with the local masons for the next two years improving his designs to create the highest quality trowel available.

In 2003, Marshalltown changed their company name to Marshalltown Company to reflect the greater range of products being manufactured. 

With over 3,000 products in their current range, Marshalltown are no longer just a 'trowel' company but a worldwide brand leader and supplier of construction tools to the professional and DIY enthusiast alike.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Work Clothing With Style - Stanley Workwear

When working on site, work clothing is all important. It got to be warm, rugged, well manufactured and have all the necessary pockets for rules, tapes, pencils and levels or any other tool you might need half way up a ladder.

Doesn't it get annoying when you bend over and your t-shirt pulls out the back of the trousers and leaves your back exposed to the cold, well Stanley though so and have designed the new work trousers with this in mind. As well as having knee pads, multi-pockets, side pockets and even a pencil pocket, they have included a rubberised grip strip inside the waist band that actually grips the t-shirt and prevents it from riding up.

Why shouldn't workwear have a little style as well as function, Stanley think so. The t-shirt, made from combed cotton, is hardwearing yet stylish and comfortable. It has a filigree pattern on the front as well as the Stanley logo.

Along with the work trousers and t-shirt, Stanley have also designed a high performance, wind and waterproof, breathable work jacket. With more pockets that you can use in a lifetime, this lightweight jacket is more than up for the job. It also has a second zip system inside allowing it to be combined with the technical fleece, giving an added layer of warmth.

Workwear no longer has to be dull, wear something that looks great and performs even better.

To view the entire Stanley Workwear range, click the link below.

Stanley Workwear

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Bahco Cutting The Copper Pipe Slice Competition

Copper pipe cutting has just got easy and a little less expensive now that Bahco have just launched their own Copper Pipe Slice Cutters.

Available in either 15mm or 22mm, the Bahco 306 is an automatic tube cutter that fits over the copper pipe, and with a simple twist, cuts the pipe avoiding damage and external de-burring.

I have just received the first delivery of the Bahco 306 pipe cutters and am impressed. As soon as I picked it up, I could feel the quality, it is solidly made and has a reassuring weight about it. It has a compact design with an orange painted zinc body. It is great for use in confined spaces where even mini cutters cannot fit.

Now that the The Kopex patent has expired, Bahco took this opportunity and have expanded their plumbing range to include copper pipe cutters.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ryobi Petrol Brush Cutter with TouchStart

After many years of the pull cord, Ryobi has created a petrol brush cutter with a TouchStart. Based around a 12v battery, the new Ryobi RBC-30SET has a electronic TouchStart ignition system which will start the petrol engine with just the touch of a button.

Powered by a 30cc engine, the Ryobi RBC-30SET is one of the first petrol brush cutters to include the new TouchStart technology. Once started, the engine will trickle charge the battery giving it the necessary charge for the next start. It also has a starter rope as a backup device.

The RBC-30SET It has the same split shaft as all the previous expand-it garden power tools allowing it to change the head from brush cutter to line trimmer or any of the other interchangeable add on tools including cultivator, blower, edger, hedge trimmer and pruner.

The brush cutter comes as standard with the Pro Cut II and reel easy heads, grass shield, 2 stroke oil, quick release shoulder strap, wrench, 12v battery and charger.