Friday, 29 May 2009

Rothenberger Plumbing Tools

Rothenberger have been manufacturing pipe and plumbing tools for over 60 years and pride themselves on producing high quality tools. All the plumbing tools they manufacture are rigorously tested before being brought to market.

Rothenberger are an innovative company and are always looking to further the range of plumbing tools. They are a leading manufacturer of pipetools and traditional values including customer orientation and customer service are among their core principles.

One of the latest products in the Rothenberger range is the Roscope Multiview drain pipe inspection digital camera. It allows the user to view the inside of the pipe or drain for blockages or damage so that the correct repair can be carried out. It uses a 1.5m gooseneck cable with LED lite 10mm camera to project an image back to the 3.5in TFT monitor. Images can also be saved to a SD memory card and transferred to a computer.

Rothenberger's range of plumbing tools is extensive and includes the lightweight Aluminium Pipe Wrench, almost 40% lighter than the equivalent steel version , the INOX Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter and the Superfire 2 Gas Torch. The Superfire 2 is a professional torch which runs on either MAPP gas or Propane gas and can even operate upside down.

The most popular item in the Rothenberger range at present is the industrial 15mm and 22mm copper and light steel pipe bender. It comes complete with guides for both 15mm and 2mm pipe.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Knipex Pliers - The Professionals Choice

Knipex Pliers are manufactured to a very high standard and it has been this way for over 125 years. Knipex started in a small forge in 1882 producing 60 pairs of pincers each day and now, in 2009, product over 45,000 per day.

Knipex are the worldwide market leader for pliers, and remain this way by keeping to there statement 'Less is More', keep doing what you are doing and do it the best you can. They are a family owned business and have partners in over 100 countries.

Knipex pliers are manufactured from only the highest quality steel and to their own specification and all the pliers are heat treated to improve the tool hardness and toughness. The forging dies used to make the pliers are made internally to their own design data.

Knipex are constantly looking at ways they can improve the load and life cycle of their pliers, ways to improve the hand force required to use them and new designs are constantly being produced to make the pliers more ergonomic.

The current range of pliers exceeds 1000 and Knipex are constantly looking at new designs and new ways to improve upon existing pliers.

With uncomromising quality, a dedication to excellence and a positive, well trained workforce, Knipex are unquestionably the brand leader for professional pliers.

Sentri Security Vault and Van Box - Secure Your Power Tools

Sentri Professional Security Vaults and Van Boxes.

Often when working on site, there is no where safe to leave your power tools overnight or when they are not in use, and with the cost of replacing several power tools in one go can, the cost can be in the thousands.

One option is to take them home with you, lug them back to the van, drive home and pack them away in the garage, the second option is to use a Sentri Security Vault or Sentri Van Box. These are specially designed tool storage boxes, manufactured from a minimum of 2mm sheet steel are secured by a 4 point XLOCK locking system. This means that 2 8mm deadlocks bolts work in opposite directions on the horizontal plane and 2 on the vertical plane.

Due to the construction of the security boxes, there weight can be anything from 60 - 160kg, so fitted to the bottom of all Sentri vault boxes are forklift/truck skids to assist in moving the box when requires. They also include recessed drop down carry handles on each end of the box to assist when moving the box. These handles have rubber pads fitted to reduce the rattling noises made when transporting the box.

Sentri box lids are all fitted with two hydraulic arms which assists opening the box and also prevents it from slamming shut. To prevent the would be thief trying to pry open the box, they are all fitted with anti-jemmy bars.

Inside all the Sentri boxes, there is a protective mat which reduces the scratches or damage power tools can receive while being transported.

Sentri van boxes and security vaults are all supplied with 2 keys and to compliment this and give peace of mind, there are over 16,000 different key combinations. All boxes are all uniquely numbered so that replacement keys can be supplied, should the need arise.

All the boxes have black powered coated finish which protects the boxes from weathering and rusting and gives it a professional finish.

Abus High Security Container Locks

Security container locks are being used more and more in this current climate and with the amount of theft that is happening, keeping them secure is more import than ever. Likewise vandals also prove to be a problem and leaving a container unsecured is just asking for trouble. Leaving a door unlocked and trusting that no one will help themselves is no longer valid these days. Gone are the days you could leave your door open when you nipped down to the shops. If it is not under lock and key, it will get up and walk away.

As more and more goods are being transported or stored in containers, the necessity to secure them is paramount. They offer great protection from weather and theft provided that they are secured properly.

The weakest part of a container is the doors and this is were Abus have concentrated their effort. The Abus 215/100 Granit Container Lock is manufactured from hardened steel alloy and is cathodic dip coated to protect against corrosion. The lock mechanism is design to resist both physical and manipulation attempts and offers 250, 000 genuine different key combinations. It has a double ball bearing locking system which is anti-drill and anti pull protected.

It is easily fitted to a container and due to the simplicity of the installation, it is easy to remove and reuse on another container.

The container lock is approved to VdS standard when used with the Abus 37RK/70 padlock and will give the maximum protection.

Container locks are designed to minimise the time the owner takes to open or lock the container but maximise the amount of time it would take a thief to attempt to break in.

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Kitchen Worktop Router Jigs

Fitting a new kitchen worktop is easier than it looks providing you take your time, accurately measure and practice your cuts on an old piece of worktop first.

The old adage of 'measure twice, cut once' has never been more relevant than that of cutting and routing a new kitchen worktop.

When purchasing your new kitchen worktop, always add 300-400mm extra to the length required so that you can have a practice cut before mastering the final joint. 

There are two main types of joint used when joining kitchen worktops, diagonal mitre joint, usually from corner to corner and butt joint, a straight cut from front to back.

The latter requires the use of a worktop router jig as a template for accurately cutting the joint. This is were the precise measuring and careful cutting must be put into practice. If when measuring the cut, you are 1mm out on one half of the cut, remember that you may also be 1mm out on the other cut leaving a 2mm gap where the worktops join.

When using your router cutter and guide bush, always make a practice cut on an old piece so that when making the final cut on your new worktop, you are aware of where the router cutter blade and guide bush are making the cut and which side to align the guide bush to for each of the cuts.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Winbag Air Wedge Packer

Winbag Air Wedge
The Winbag Air Wedge uses the same concept as the demolition trade for lifting or holding a weight at a certain level. Shrinking it down to a smaller, more portable size, the Winbag is truly one of those items you wish you had years ago.

When lifting furniture, cabinets or just a door you are hanging, how often have you used a foot or better, a door lifter? Just a little higher, no lower, yes! hold it there! Sound familiar, well enter the Winbag Air Wedge. Simply place under the door, furniture, unit and inflate to the desired height. It is capable of holding a load pressure of 100kg and can operate from as little as 2mm up to 50mm fully inflated.

The overall size of the Air Wedge is 190mm x 190mm x 75mm and can easily be stored away or carried in the tool bag.

Metabo Cordless PowerMaxx Li Pro Drill Driver 7.2v

Small jobs require small power tools and Metabo has met this task head on and updated the PowerMaxx drill driver range, (now in its forth generation). The latest model, PowerMaxx Li Pro  has been designed with professionals in mind. It is ideal for areas where space is limited, cramped or just awkward and performs uncompromisingly.

The PowerMaxx Li Pro is an ideal companion for electricians, kitchen fitters, shop fitters and plumbers. With its small compact size, it is light enough (730 grams) to easily be carried in most tool bags.

As well as being expertly designed, this 7.2 volt drill driver supports this design by having the required power to complete the necessary tasks. It has a two speed gear box,  9 Nm to 16 Nm. of torque and an idle speed of 0–250/0–750 U/min.

The full kit comes complete with 2 Lithium Ion 7.2v 2.2Ah batteries, 60 minute mains charger, 
chuck, offset screw attachment, carrying case and 20 assorted screw bits and drill bits.

Backed by a 3 year manufacturers warranty, the Metabo PowerMaxx Li Pro is an excellent addition to any tool bag.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Abus Padlocks and Chains offer Great Security

Abus take securing your premises seriously and have developed several ranges of padlocks to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering. All Abus padlocks in the existing range are given a unique Global Protection Standard number from 1 to 10 which denotes the level of security each particular lock offers.  This number denotes the security level each lock offers and determines its efficiency to withstand an attack.

Top of the range in the current Abus catalog are the Granite series of padlocks. They are made from hardened alloy steel and are pull and drill resistant. They also have shackle guards built into the padlocks to prevent attacks from hand or power tools.

To complement the padlocks, Abus also have a series of high quality hardened steel chains with longer chain links to support the larger, more secure padlocks.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ryobi One Plus Power Tools and Garden Tools

Power tools are a great time saver, whether you are screwdriving or drilling, hedge trimming or grass strimming, cordless tools are a godsend. The only problem is, every time you buy new power tools, they all have a different battery and charger systems, that is unless you buy one of the Ryobi One Plus power tools or One Plus garden tools. 

Cordless power tools all need batteries, so 
Ryobi created the One Plus range, simply put, one battery fits all, yes all 29 power tools and all 7 garden power tools.

There are currently 3 batteries available that can power all the tools, the 1.7Ah 18V NiCad, 1.4Ah 18V Lithium Ion (slimline battery) or the 2.4Ah 18V Lithium Ion.

When buying power tools, budget is also a factor, and as you no longer have to purchase batteries with each tool you buy in the Ryobi One Plus range, you only pay for the tool which means that the cost will be lower. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Irazola Screwdriver Sets - Roll Your Tools Up

Screwdrivers sets take up so much space in the tool bag, you always end  up carrying far too many just because you don't want to find that the one you really need, you left back at the garage.

What if you could remove all the handles, this would take up a lot less space. Well, Irazola (part of the Bahco group) have also though of this idea and have produced a 13 piece VDE insulated screwdriver set, which when rolled up, is only 200mm (8") in length and 75mm (3")
 across. The kit comprises of 5 flat heads, 3 pozi heads, 3 Philips heads, a neon tester and a quick release interchangeable handle, all secured in a nylon roll mat.

Fitting the screwdrivers into the handle is simple, choose the required driver and  push until you here a click, done. To remove the driver, simply twist the lock nut and remove the driver.

All the screwdrivers in this set are tested to 1000 volts and are indivually VDE stamped.

The handle itself is confortable to use and has plenty of grip due to the rubberised finish on the lower part of the handle. 

Overall, this is a lightweight yet strong screwdriver kit and as there is only one handle, is considerably small and easy to carry arround.