Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vitrex Floorwarm Underfloor Heating for Tiled and Wooden Floors

Why choose Vitrex Underfloor Heating? By using underfloor heating, you get a more even room temperature even when the heating is a few degrees lower than radiators. As heat rises, by using underfloor heating, you get a more even temperature and this avoids cold spots.

How does the Vitrex Underfloor Heating work? The floor is gently warmed by the heating element in the form of a cable that is simply laid under either tiled or wooden floors. The heating element connects to a wall mounted thermostat which monitors the air temperature in the room and the temperature under the floor to give the desired warmth required.

How do I lay Vitrex Underfloor Heating? Laying the underfloor heating is quite simple for both the tile and wood/laminate versions:

  1. Measure and prepare the floor surface and create a plan where to lay the matting. 
  2. Insulate to ensure optimum performance and speed up heating times.
  3. Roll out the mat as per the room plan. Full instructions are included.
  4. Connect the thermostat to the matting to regulate the room temperature.
  5. For Tiles: Lay the flooring using a powdered tile adhesive and apply it over the mat and cable and set tiles as normal. For Laminate or Wood: As the mat for the laminate / wood flooring is foil based, just lay the flooring according to the manufacturers instructions.
  6. Set the thermostat and enjoy the beautifully warm floors.
When it come to monitoring the temperature, there are 3 options to choose from, the entry level model is the manual dial type thermostat. This works simply by rotating the dial to the desire temperature and start to feel the warmth. The second model is the Digital LCD Thermostat and as the name implies, come with an LCD screen giving the temperature and buttons to set the temperature of the room easily. The final model is the Touchscreen Thermostat. This works in a similar way to the Digital LCD model but instead of buttons, it has a touch screen to set it by.

As long as the floor is correctly installed and wired by a qualified electrician, the Vitrex Floorwarm Underfloor heating comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the tile version and a 15 year Limited Warranty for the wood floor version.

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Once again, the season to be jolly has come around sooner than expected. It doesn't matter how much you prepare for Christmas, it creeps up on you far quicker than you think. Here at Transtools, we have several Christmas Gift Ideas that we think the DIY tool enthusiast in your life might just like to find under the tree on Christmas day.

Ranging from the versatile Crescent Stainless Steel Multi Tool to the Faithfull 46 Piece Professional Drill and Driver Bit Set, we have have a present idea that will suit for under £10. If you are looking to spend a little more, than we have the high powered Lenser LED Advanced Focus 200m Range Torch or the Stanley Fatmax 20oz Anti-Vibe Hammer and Holder.

If money is not an option and you are looking for a tool with that little extra, then consider the Faithfull Woodworking Set.,This set comes in a presentation box and contains a sliding bevel, tri-square and marking gauge. If garage tools are the choice, than have a look at the Stanley Fatmax 30 Piece 1/2" Square Drive Socket Set in black chrome finish. It contains 22 sockets, extension bars, ratchet bar and comes in a neat carry case.

If you are looking to countdown to Christmas in style then the Wera Advent Calendar is just the ticket. It contains 24 different screwdriver bits, screwdrivers, bit holders and a bottle opener. The perfect Advent Calendar for that every tool enthusiast.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

REMS Plumbing Tools

Founded in 1909, REMS are constantly developing new and innovative machines and tools for the pipe working industry. Manufactured in Waiblingen near Stuttgart Germany, REMS have a very high standard of production and quality control is constantly monitored to ensure these high standards are maintained.

REMS are customer orientated and as a results, keep more than 10,000 item in stock ready for dispatch to their trade partners. In the case of a repair, REMS have highly qualified, well trained staff, able to repair and maintain tools for customers.

REMS specialist advisor's are equipped with demonstration vehicles and are able to carry out product training on location and demonstrate the REMS products at on-site visits, counter demonstrations and at in-house exhibitions. They advise in the selection of the tools and find the most comfortable, reliable and economical solution in each individual situation.

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Friday, 20 August 2010

Ronseal Wall Filler - Smooth Finish

After spending the last 2 years developing, Ronseal have now launched the Ronseal Smooth Finish Wall Filler range. The Ronseal Wall Filler range is one of smoothest fillers available and comes in 7 different types to suit a wide range of holes and cracks. All the tubes, tubs and containers are colour coded to easily show which type of filler they are.

The first of these is the Ronseal Hairline Crack Filler - this has been designed specifically for hairline cracks up to a wide of 5mm. It is one of the smoothest fillers in the range due to clever use of the latest technologies to make the particles in the filler extremely fine. This Ronseal Wall Filler dries and and is ready to decorate in about 2 hours.

Next in the range is the Ronseal Quick Drying Smooth Finish Filler - this filler has been created ideally for quick touch ups and is touch dry in just 30 minutes. It is suitable for repairs on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.

The most popular filler on the market is the multi purpose filler and Ronseal have developed their own version of this too. It is capable of filling up to 40mm deep gaps in one application where previous products could only fill 20mm. It too is also designed to be used on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.  Once fully dried, it can be drilled and screwed.

To compliment the indoor multi purpose filler, they have released the Ronseal External Multi Purpose Wall Filler. This has been formulated specifically to work with concrete, masonry and brickwork and is weatherproof and mould resistant.

One of the most popular uses for filler is fixing holes in the ceiling and the Ronseal 5 Minute Filler is the product for this. It is surface dry in about 5 minutes and due to its reduced weight, does not sag and therefore, less sanding is required. Its lightweight formula allows it to be used to fill deep gas as large as 70mm in just one application. Due to its unique formula for filling large gaps, this product is not suitable for drilling and screwing.

If you are looking for a product that can fill deep holes and still be drilled, screwed and nailed, then the Ronseal Big Hole Filler is the product. It is capable of filling a 50mm deep hole in one application and if the hole is even deep, just apply a second application. The formula prevents sagging and is usually touch dry in about 1-2 hours.

Finishing off the range is the Ronseal Super Flexible Filler which, as its name denote, is a flexible filler designed for use around door frame and skirting board. It can be used on gaps up to 6mm wide and due to it flexible nature, allows movement without cracking.

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT2

Following on from the our previous article on Power Tools Safety, today we will be covering the safety aspects of the tools themselves.

When it comes to using power tools, looking after them and taking care of them is just as important as the safety equipment needed when using them. It is so easy to cut through a power cable or to damage the plug and this could be disastrous. Every year, hundreds of people are electrocuted or even killed using power tools that have been damaged or badly worn. Taking just 1 minute to give the tool and power cable a good look over to identify any damage that may have occurred previously could just save your life.

PAT testing should also be carried out on all power tools on a yearly basis but this does not exclude the user from carrying out their own safety checks on a daily basis.

Power tools are commonly used on building sites and often at great heights on scaffolding. This itself is not particularly dangerous as the scaffolding has already been safety checked but imagine dropping a tool weighing 5 kgs from this height, it becomes a deadly weapon to those working below. More and more power tools these days come with an anchor points for attaching safety lanyards to to prevent drops or falls. For those tools that do not have anchor points, it is more important to ensure that when resting the tool down, it is placed in a manor that prevents it from being knocked over the edge.

A common mistake when using power tools is to put off a repair until a job is finished but this is often when accidents can occur. If the tool becomes damaged either while in use, due to a fall or even a manufacturing fault, it should be taken out of commission immediately and taken for repair or replacement as soon as possible. It is advised that a tag or sticker be placed on the tool to allow other workers to identify this and prevent a potential accident occurring.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

GMC Power Tools

GMC Power Tools (Global Machinery Company) were, until recently, an Australian owned company, but are now owned by Toolstream here in the UK.  They were established back in 1997 and pride themselves on being a leader in innovation in the power tools industry. Constantly researching and innovating new and improved products, GMC were one of the first to introduce the inverted table saw and the Redeye® laser line products, powered router table and dowelling machine.

Catering to both the Professional and the DIY enthusiat alike, GMC Power Tools have a large range of tools to suit most tasks. Included in this range are corded and cordless power tools, compressors and air tools, garden tools, woodworking tools and laser measuring tools. All the tools are manufactured to exacting standards and use some of the most modern composites such as carbon fibre and magnesium alloys which allow GMC to keep the strength require for these types of tools yet make them lighter.

When compared to other manufacturers of power tools, GMC offer great value for money, excellent after care and well designed tools.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT1

When using power tools, safety should always be one of the first things you should be aware of.  These factors are commonly overlooked and as a result, accidents and injuries can often occur. These would so easily be avoided if the correct safety equipment was being used or worn.

The first and probably the most important safety item on this list would be the safety glasses. They come in various styles and shapes and even come with tinted lenses for outdoor use. Many of the safety glasses made today also incorporate side protection or side shields. When operating power tools, sparks, splinters, fragments and particles of dust are very common and can cause eye irritation,  temporary or even permanent blindness. When you consider the cost of a pair of safety glasses, it far out ways the cost of loosing an eye.

The next item of safety equipment that is commonly not used is the safety gloves. Gloves not only offer protection for the hands but also cushion the hand from vibration often found in certain power tools. These too are also fairly inexpensive, and when an injury could cost the day off work, the benefits far out way the cost.

Good quality work boots can often cost anything from £30 - £100 and yet most workers are happy to pay this amount but then work with power tools without the use of safety glasses or gloves.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Security Tamper Torx

We are often asked, What is a Security Tamper Torx and what is the difference between standard Torx and a Security Tamper Torx?

The standard Torx screwdriver or screwdriver bit is a 6 pointed star shape which is designed to fit into a torx head screw and unlike other screw heads, does not 'cam out'. Phillips and Pozi were designed to 'cam out' when the right amount of torque was reached but as machines have taken over a lot more of the assembly of products nowadays, there was a requirement for the driver bit to remain seated and let the machine control the torque.  A Security Tamper Torx is still the same 6 pointed star shape but also has a small hole in the middle of the bit and a matching pin in the torx head of the screw. This prevents regular torx screwdrivers from being used and adds a level of security to the device or product.

Many products are assembled using torx fitting these days and when manufacturers wish to prevent the purchaser from attempting to tamper with or disassemble their products, they turn to the security tamper torx fittings as the torx drivers for these are not as readily available as other types.

Torx head sizes are measured from point to point and are given a number that corresponds to this measurement. They are shown with a 'T' and then a number 'T10' afterwards to denote there size. One of the most common sizes is the T10 but they are available from T1, which are used in electronics and computers all the way up to T100 for automotive and garage equipment.

Below is a table giving the sizes in metric and imperial and the torque for each torx size.

Size Imp Met Torque
T1.031.81mm.02 to .03 N m
T2.036.93mm.07 to .09 N m
T3.0461.10mm.14 to .18 N m
T4.0501.28mm.22 to .28 N m
T5.055"1.42 mm.43  to .51 N m
T6.066"1.70 mm.75 to .9 N m
T7.078"1.99 mm1.4 to 1.7 N m
T8.090"2.31 mm2.2 to 2.6 N m
T9.098"2.50 mm2.8 to 3.4 N m
T10.107"2.74 mm3.7 to 4.5 N m
T15.128"3.27 mm6.4 to 7.7 N m
T20.151"3.86 mm10.5 to 12.7 N m
T25.173"4.43 mm15.9 to 19 N m
T27.195"4.99 mm22.5 to 26.9 N m
T30.216"5.52 mm31.1 to 37.4 N m
T40.260"6.65 mm54.1 to 65.1 N m
T45.306"7.82 mm86 to 103.2 N m
T50.346"8.83 mm132 to 158 N m
T55.440"11.22 mm218 to 256 N m
T60.51913.25 mm379 to 445 N m
T70.61015.51 mm630 t0 700 N m
T80.69017.54 mm943 to 1048 N m
T90.78419.92 mm1334 to 1483 N m
T100.87122.13 mm1843 to 2048 N m

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Bahco Laplander

The Bahco Laplander is a must for all gardeners. It is a folding 190mm saw which is useful for trimming an pruning of large bushes and trees.

The Laplander has a locking mechanism to prevent the blade from folding back in on the handle when in use. This is a great safety feature when working off the ground either on ladders or up in the branches of a tree.

The overall length of the Bahco Laplander is 420mm, 190mm blade length and 230mm handle length. The blade has over 50 sharp teeth which have been designed for cutting through green wood and can also be used for cutting up small kindling.

The handle of the Bahco Laplander has a leather loop strap at the back to allow it to be placed around the wrist when working and this prevent the user from dropping it if they let their grip go.

To view more details or to purchase the Bahco Laplander, visit:

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Silverline Tools

Established over 30 years ago, Silverline Tools are a leading manufacturer of hand tools, garden tools and power tools. With an existing range of over 4000 products, Silverline Tools are constantly expanding their range and have recently added Triton and GMC to their existing brands.

Offering some of the best prices on the market, Silverline Tools have become a household name in the DIY market.

Covering most aspects of the building trade, Silverline Tools supply hand tools for building and construction including brick layers, plasterers, plumbers, gas fitter and electricians. Ranging from plastering and brick trowels to angle finders and from podgers to pliers, hand saws to cordless drills, Silverline has a tool for the job.

Constantly updating their range, Silverline Tools are always looking for a new product that will speed up the job or simplify the task in hand. One of the latest products to meet this requirement is the Silverline Silverstorm Sander Polisher, an outstanding polisher with variable speed, standard M14 fittings, soft start trigger and comes complete with backing pad and soft lambs wool polishing bonnet.

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Wera Extra Long Screwdriver Set

When working in confined spaces or narrow openings, having the right screwdriver is essential. The Wera Extra Long Screwdriver Set is designed for just such an occasion.

The 3 piece screwdriver set comprises of 1 x 5.5mm wide slotted screwdriver, 1 x PZ2 pozi driver screwdriver and 1 x PH2 Phillips screwdriver. All the screwdrivers in the set have 300mm long blade and are 390mm long including the handle.

The handles on these screwdrivers are ergonomically designed and this makes them more comfortable to hold when working for longer periods of time.

The tips on the Wera Screwdrivers are magnetised which allows for better control of screws and helps to prevent the lose of screws when working, and if they do drop, helps to pick up them back up again, even in confined areas.

To find out more or to purchase the Wera Extra Long Screwdriver Set, visit:

Monday, 5 July 2010

Silverline 633595 20L Backpack Sprayer Assembly Instructions

The assembly instructions for the Silverline 20L Backpack Sprayer are available for download from

  • Comfortably contoured 20L back pack sprayer with harness and strong integrated carry handle.
  • Large filler with integrated filter to minimise blockages.
  • Complete with extra nozzles and spares kit.
  • Colours may vary.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Bahco Insulation Saw

The Bahco Insulation Saw has been designed and created due to the demand for a saw to cut polystyrene, styrofoam and mineral wool quickly and without mess. Due to the blades unique waveform design, it acts more like a knife and therefore makes cutting easier.

The blade on the Bahco Insulation Saw has a waveform amplitude of 0.5mm and wavelength of 15mm. The edge is sharpened and set 0.20 ± 0.05mm and the thickness is only 0.83mm.

There is a need to protect this hand saw blade from rust.  However there are problems with both of the normally used rust protections for handsaws; the clear varnish will not work because of high friction and the powder coating makes the edge blunt.  Therefore another way was to use the saw sleeve that also protected the saw from rusting.  The sleeve is impregnated with a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) that will protect the saw from corrosion during storage & transportation.  It is essential that the end user retain the sleeve & use it whilst the saw is not in use otherwise rust will start to appear on the blade.  The sleeve also tells the end user that it’s needed for rust protection.

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Friday, 30 April 2010

Prison Cell Doors

Transglobal Engineering are UK manufacturers of prison cell doors and have been established for over 15 years. They are Home Office Prison Service approved and been working alongside the prison service manufacturing cell doors, gates and grilles for various correctional and detention facilities for many years now.

Working closely with their clients, Transglobal Engineering are able to manufacture prison cell doors to exacting standards and specific requirements. These could include anti-barricade facilities, food hatches and viewing windows. All cell doors manufactured at Transglobal are tested to meet the Home Office high standards and are x-rayed and certified to meet with the necessary requirement of the prison service.

Along side the standard cell door manufacturing, Transglobal are also able to fabricate unique doors specifically for existing doorways and door frames according to the clients requirements. To find out more details, visit their website at:

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Garden Fencing - Ronseal Fencelife

Fence panels and garden sheds need all year round protection from the elements. Giving the garden fencing a coat of Ronseal Fencelife will improve the look of the fence panels and provide up to 5 years of colour and protection. It is fade resistant and quick drying, touch dry in 1 - 2 hours. The current formula is wax enriched which improves the waterproofing protection and ensures batter protection.

The Ronseal Fencelife is uniquely formulated and can be sprayed or painted on to garden fencing, sheds and trellis. When used with the Power Sprayer, the Fencelife can be applied in half the time it would normally take to paint. Even easier to use than ever before, stir thoroughly, clip on the Power Sprayer, turn on and start spraying. To obtain the best finish, hold the nozzle approx 23cm or 9 inches away gram the garden fencing and squeeze the trigger to start spraying.

Garden fencing, sheds and trellis all have one thing, if not looked after, they will start to rot or look shabby. Taking the time apply a protective finish will prolong its life and enhance the look of the fencing or shed. Quite often, you will find that a new garden fence is erected but due to differences between neighbours, only one side of the fence receives the protection, or the neighbours disagree with the colour they would like. Ronseal have the answer to this issue and have released the Ronseal Fencelife in 5 different colours, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Forest Green, Red Cedar and Harvest Gold.

To view more details or to porchase Ronseal Fencelife, visit:

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum

Karcher have made cleaning windows easier than ever before. The new Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is a two piece cordless window cleaner system. The first part is a spray bottle with micro fibre cloth head which is used to apply the cleaning agent and loosen the dirt or debris on the surface, the second part is the cordless vacuum cleaner which uses a squeegee head and vacuum system to draw the water down in to the reservoir.

Once complete, the windows are left clean and streak free, no more aching elbows or streaky smears, just clean and shiny windows. The WV50 window vacuum also works on other smooth flat surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, even coffee table. It is great for mopping up small spills or leaks.

The Karcher WV50 window vacuum is cordless and is powered by a Lithium Ion battery giving up to 20 minutes of cleaning per charge.

To view more details or to purchase the Karcher WV50 Window Vacuum, visit:

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Marshalltown Plastering Trowels

Marshalltown plastering trowels come in a large variety of sizes ranging from 8" up to 20" and are available in several finishes in both new and pre-worn, carbon steel and stainless steel.

What is pre-worn?  A new non pre-worn trowel has sharp edges and a flat base which can often leave marks in the plaster.  Marshalltown pre-worn trowels have been attached to a dedicated machine which removes the sharp edges and grinds the bottom of the trowel making it ready for day to day use.

Do I buy a carbon steel trowel or a stainless steel trowel? Carbon steel trowels tend to be slightly more flexible but require better looking after as carbon steel can often rust if not cleaned and dried after use. Stainless steel by its nature does not rust but is not quite a flexible as the carbon steel models.

Another option you have available when buying Marshalltown plastering trowels is the choice of handle. These are available in either Durasoft or Wooden. The wooden handle is firm and rigid and has for years been the most popular choice until the newer Durasoft handle came along. These Durasoft handles are softer and more comfortable in the hand.

To view more details or to purchase Marshalltown Plastering Trowels, visit:

Friday, 9 April 2010

Apache Knee Pads for Work Trousers

Apache knee pads are essential if you spend any time kneeling down while working. They spread the weigh of the knee over a larger, softer area making it more comfortable. The knee pads are made from 100% Polyethylene and are constructed into adjoining segments which allow the material to easily bend with the knee.

The Apache work trousers have a Velcro fastening, top loading pocket in to which the knee pads are placed. When the knee bends, the material can often bunch up behind the knee causing discomfort, the Apache trousers have a wider fit allowing for this when the knee pads are fitted.

To view more information or to purchase the Apache Knee Pads, visit:

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Apache Work Trousers - Affordable Workwear

Apache Work Trousers have been designed with the trades person in mind. They are made from 300 gram poly cotton and are strong and durable. Both the knees and holster pockets are reinforced with Cordura.  One failing with other workwear trousers is how tight the leg material becomes when kneeling down, Apache have solved this by giving the legs a wider fitting therefore making them more comfortable for working in.

When it comes to work trousers, pockets are essential and the Apache range are no different. On the front there are two easy to reach, tuck-away holster pockets. If not required, they can be tucked back into the trousers. To complement the front pockets, there are also two large bellow pockets at the rear with press stud fasteners.  On the thigh is a utility pocket giving immediate access to tape measures or small tools. As more and more people carry mobile phone, there is a pocket designed specially for this and it takes the larger, more modern mobile phones. A pen / pencil pocket is also provided for easy and quick access.

As with most work trousers, knee pads can be fitted in to specially designed top loading pockets and secured with Velcro fastenings. Even with the knee pads fitted, due to the width of the leg, the Apache trousers are more comfortable when kneeling or constantly bending the leg.

The Apache work trousers are available in waist sizes of 30" - 42" and leg lengths of 31" and 33".  To view more details or to purchase the work trousers, visit:

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Einhell Garden Tools

The good weather is fast approaching and as more people will be gardening soon, Einhell are already prepared for the season. The latest range of Einhell Garden Tools provide all necessary power and versatility to tend to most garden tasks. The 2010 range includes grass strimmers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, cultivators and log splitters.

The entry level grass strimmer is well priced at only £20.99 and comes with a 260 watt motor with a rotation rate of 12,000 rpm and a cutting radio of 200mm. Weighing in at only 1.5kg, the BG-ET2620 has a 9m cable length and has a 180 degree rotating head to change from strimming to trimming.

To complement the strimmer, Einhell's high end self propelled lawn mower packs a powerful 4 stroke 3.75 horse power petrol engine. It has a large 460mm cutting width and a hardwearing 60 litre grass collection bag. To ensure the grass is cut to desired length, the Einhell BG-PM46S has 5 adjustable height setting ensuring the perfect cut every time.

Chainsaws are becoming more popular with home users and the Einhell BG-PC3735 2 stroke petrol powered 37cc chainsaw fits the bill nicely. The chainsaw has a cutting length of 390mm and as it only weighs 5.7kg, is quite portable for log cutting or trimming over hanging branches. To ensure safety, this kit also comes complete with a safety helmet, ear defenders and protective gloves. (It is recommended that chainsaw trousers be worn at all times when cutting.)

 All Einhell products come with a full 2 year warranty making them excellent value for money.

To view more information or to buy Einhell Garden Tools, visit:

Friday, 26 March 2010

Estwing Geological Bags and Belts

Estwing have for a long time produced some of the best geologist tools including rock picks and hammers. To compliment this range of geology tools, they now have two belt packs and a shoulder bag.

They are constructed from hardwearing 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and offer great waterproofing as well as rugged durability. The belt packs are mesh lined and padded for extra comfort when carrying rocks or minerals. There's a holder for a water bottle (not included), a big pouch on the back and a small pouch on the side and a rock pick loop.

The bag can be worn on the belt or carried by the shoulder strap. The Estwing geologist bag features a flap pocket, chisel pouch, belt strap, shoulder strap, large front pocket, main compartment, watter bottle holder (bottle not included) and a hammer holder.

For more details or to purchase any of the Estwing Bags or Belt Packs, visit:

    Wednesday, 24 March 2010

    Rothenberger Spirit Levels

    Rothenberger are not only plumbing tools specialists but also feel that they can use their expertise to produce high quality spirit levels. These German manufactured spirit levels are exceptionally accurate and very durable.

    The body of the Rothenberger Spirit Levels is constructed from precise box section aluminium making them lightweight and durable. Three vials are incorporated in the levels, 1 centre static vial for horizontal levelling, 1 fixed vertical vial and an adjustable vial for those times when other angles are required.

    Unusual for Rothenberger, these spirit levels are finished in bright yellow instead of the traditional red. The ends of the levels have plastic end caps which reduce the shock a level receives when dropped and helps to protect the edge of the body of the level.

    To view more details or to purchase a Rothenberger Spirit Level, visit:

    Saturday, 20 March 2010

    Tacwise 500EL Pro Nailer 240V

    Tacwise were the first to bring a mains powered 50mm nailer to the market. The 500EL is capable of firing 30 nails per minute making this a very proficient nailer. It has a 100 nail capacity and a window so that the remaining nails can view viewed. These are easily loaded using the quick release reloading system.

    As the Tacwise 500EL nailer is powered from the mains, there is no need for a large cumbersome compressor and air line system. This means that the nailer is ready for use 24 hours a day.

    Weighing in at only 2.5kg, the Tacwise 500EL is lightweight enough to be used for long periods of time without stress or strain. The nailer is angled so that the nose can reach in to corners and is great for secret nailing when laying floorboards or tongue and groove boarding.

    To prevent marking the material being fixed, the nailer has a rubber nose protector which is easily replace when worn.

    Safety is always a concern when using a powerful nail gun and Tacwise 500EL nailer has a safety on off switch and a single shot trigger. Always remember, when using these types of power tools, goggles should always be worn.

    To view more details or to purchase the Tacwise 500EL Nail, visit:

    Tuesday, 16 February 2010

    Vitrex Laminate Wood Cutter

    When it comes to laying laminate flooring, cutting the laminate panels is probably the most time consuming. Not any more! The new Laminate Wood Cutter from Vitrex will cut through 200mm x 12mm laminate panels in seconds.

    The Vitrex Laminate Cutter is small enough and portable enough to keep along side you while laying the floor. Simply measure the next piece, cut and lay. No more walking back and forward to the workbench during installation.

    The unique long life blade has been engineered for quickly, safely and cleanly cutting through 200mm wide, 12mm thick laminate panels and requires no maintenance. The V support ensures that the laminate panels are held level and secure during the cut. Also included in the kit is a positioning block which gives extra support when cutting longer lengths.

    For more details or to purchase the Vitrex Laminate Wood Cutter, visit:

    Saturday, 13 February 2010

    Tile Spacer - Vitrex LASH Level Align Space Hold

    When laying tiles one of the biggest problems most people face is ensuring that the finished floor surface is lippage-free. Vitrex have an answer for this and it is called the LASH, Level, Align, Space and Hold. The LASH is not just a Vitrex tile spacer, it is far more.

    So what does the Vitrex LASH do and how does it work?

    The LASH clip work in two dimensions, firstly they space tiles out evenly so that the same amount of grout is visible between each tile, secondly and more importantly, they sit under the base of the tile ensuring that they remain at the same height as the neighbouring tile.

    This is all achieved by the patented LASH system. The clip is has two equal feet that sit under the tiles maintaining them at an even height. To ensure they stay level, a wedge is placed into the clip to keep it in place. The clip thickness means that the tiles sit evenly next to each other, keeping an even spacing. Once the tile adhesive sets, it is easy to remove the protruding part of the LASH clip, simply kick the clip and it will snap off at a specially designed break-point.

    Why use the Vitrex LASH system?
    • It is very easy to at any skill level.
    • Great for use with tiles of varied thickness.
    • Requires minimal effort to install and remove.
    • Virtually eliminates lippage.
    • Prevents tiles from moving during installation.
    • Speeds up installation.
    • Less time spent on the task means more done in a day.
    How to use the LASH system.

    Step 1. Slide two LASH clips under the tile and into the tile adhesive approx 50mm from each end. Place the second tile.
    Step2. Slide the reusable LASH wedge into the clip to ensure the tiles remain level and held in place.
    Step 3. Once the adhesive has set, simply kick the top of the clip and it will snap off leaving you with a beautifully aligned and spaced floor.

    To view more details or to purchase, visit:

    Friday, 5 February 2010

    Ronseal Power Sprayer - Fence Spraying Made Easy

    Ronseal have released their update 2010 model of the Power Sprayer. Powered by a 6 volt battery, the fence sprayer is capable of spraying up to 40 fence panels with no charging required.

    This updated model has been redesigned and is even easier to get started, simply clip the motor head on to a Ronseal Spray or Brush Tub and start straight away. You can also use the tub provided and simply fill with a sprayable fence liquid. Cleaning the sprayer is even easier, empty the tub, fill with clean water and spray, simple.

    The Ronseal Power Sprayer has a 2 metre hose connected to the lance allowing for more flexibility and control when spraying. The lance has a precision fan nozzle for an accurate and controlled spray pattern.

    Top Tip: When spraying, always remember to maintain a steady speed and keep a constant distance from the substrate to be treated for an even finish.

    To view more details or to purchase the Ronseal Power Sprayer, visit:

    Saturday, 30 January 2010

    Estwing Hammertooth Joist Claw Hammer

    Estwing have developed a unique hammer that allows working with joist a lot easier. The shaft of the hammer has a tooth on the side allowing for the claw and tooth to fit over a joist and adjust it while nailing. The Estwing Hammertooth hammer has a smooth face finish to the head and a shock protection vinyl grip. It weighs 22oz (624 grams) and is 13½" (343mm) long.

    To view more details or to purchase the Estwing Hammertooth, visit:

    Wednesday, 27 January 2010

    Bahco SB-2448 Heavy Duty Wrecking Knife

    The wrecking knife has been designed to be used like a regular chisel 1" (25mm) or when turned sideways a 4" (100mm) wide knife. It can also be used like a machete to chop or whittle wood. The blade back is 4mm thick and made from hardened steel and can be used like a 4" chisel with a hammer on the back of the blade for added force. The handle has a curved guard to protect the knuckles while in use and can also be used with a hammer. The wrecking knife comes in handy for an number of useful woodworking tasks and is always handy to have with you. The knife comes complete with a holster so can easily be carried with you. The holster has button clip to keep the wrecking knife secure when not in use.

    To view more details or to purchase the Bahco Wrecking Knife, visit:

    Tuesday, 26 January 2010

    Triton BJA300 Biscuit Joiner for Triton Router Table

    The Triton Biscuit Jointer has been designed to fit on the Triton Router Table. The jointer creates fast and strong invisible joints.
    Ideal for bevel mitre, rail-to-stile, edge-to-edge, end-to-end, rail-to-post edge.

    To view more details or to purchase theTriton BJA300 Biscuit Joiner, visit:

    Friday, 22 January 2010

    Triton WCA390 Blade Height Winder Kit for Workcentre

    The Triton WCA390 is a blade height winder attachment for the Triton Workcentre series 2000. It attaches to the table and circular saw to allow quick and accurate adjustments to the blade height.

    To view more details or to purchase the Triton Blade Height Winder, visit:

    Saturday, 16 January 2010

    Triton Superjaws - Getting to Grips With Your Tools

    Triton, an Australian based company have been designing and building power tools, workshop tools and machinery since 1976. Triton's philosophy of 'building tools you can rely on' is still at the forefront of everthing they do. The Triton Superjaws portable clamping system was designed back in 1992, and now in its latest design, is still going strong.

    The SJA200 Superjaws is a portable workstation, useful for indoor or outdoor tasks. It provides a fast, hands-free clamping action capable of holding materials up to 956mm wide and has a massive 1000kg clamping force to hold it in place. The material is clamped in place by pressing on the foot pedal until the desired pressure is achieved, then move the locking switch and press once more on the pedal to lock. To release the material, move the lock switch to off and press once on the pedal and the jaws will release.

    The Superjaws are made from steel and are powder coated for a long lasting finish. The folding legs allow for easy storage and as it only weighs 16kg it is easily transported. The jaws have a Urethane protective facing giving a slip resistant grip.

    Along side the standard jaws, 2 other sets of jaws are available to be fitted to the Superjaws, they are the log and Pole Gripping Jaws and the Engineers Jaws. The log and pole jaws have large teeth which will tenaciously grip the log or pole allowing you to saw, drill, rebate or chainsaw it. The engineers jaws are designed for heavy duty metal working. The jaws are shaped to better hold pipe or bar up to 50mm (2 inch) and they also have an anvil face for metal working.

    To view more details or to purchase the Triton Superjaws, visit:

    Friday, 15 January 2010

    Tacwise 181EL Nailer and 140EL Stapler Kit

    Nowadays everyone is looking for an easier ot quicker way of doing things, people just don't want to wait, this is probably one of the reasons the electric nailer was created. Why use a hammer and nails, you hit your thumb, bend the nail, damage the wood, next you start cussing and get angry! It's not very productive. Simple, get the electric nailer out, load with a strip of collated nails, turn on and start nailing, safely, accurately and quickly.

    Our latest offer is the Tacwise ultimate stapling and nailing kit comprising a 181EL master nailer, a 140EL staple tacker, a professional staple remover and 5,000 nails and staples.

    The Tacwise 181EL is a electric 240 volt nailer capable of firing nails from 10mm to 35mm. It can fire up to 4 nails per second making it great for door frames and skirting board or flooring. The nailer can hold up to 100 nails meaning you have to stop less to refill. The 181EL has a rubber nose to protect the surface from being marked or damaged. The handle has a ruberised grip making it more comfortable when using for long periods of time. A refill window is fitted to the side of the nailer so that you can keep an eye on how many nails are left.

    Also included in this kit is the Tacwise 140EL staple tacker. It is also mains powered and comes with a long power cord allowing for easier access when working. It fires type 140 staples and has a load capacity of 100. The stapler is ideal for jobs such as fixing wire mesh to wood, office screens, blinds and awnings and roofing felt. To prevent accidental firing, it has a safety double trigger and a safety on/off switch for added protection.

    To complete the kit, a staple remover is included and a generous supply of staples (2000) and nails (3000).

    To view more details or to purchase the Tawise Nailer Stapler Kit, visit:

    Vitrex Tile Saws, Tools and Safety Equipment

    Vitrex have been in business for over 60 years and have a large range tile saws, tiling tools, safety equipment and hand tools. Their aim is to design, manufacture and distribute professional quality products at affordable prices.

    When it comes to tile cutters and tile saws, Vitrex have a tool for each application. Whether it is the powerful electric bridge saw which can cut up to 610mm tiles down to the simpler hobby tile cutter, all are manufactured to a high standard and offer excellent quality of service. Each Vitrex tool pack includes a clear descriptive title and illustrations showing the tool in use. Step-by-step instructions are included which are well written and illustrated so that the user can start straight away.

    One of the most popular Vitrex items is the Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Cutting Saw. It has a powerful 900 watt motor and is capable of cutting tiles up to 35mm thick. The table bed allows for cutting tiles uo tp 610mm in length or 415mm diagonally and can cut mitre angles of 0 - 45 degrees. It has a 200mm blade capable of cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granit, marble and natuaral stone. To protect the motor, it has thermal overload protection ensuring the smooth running of the cutter. It has a sliding ruler and locking mitre for perfect cuts over and over again. Carrying handles are fitted for easy transportation between jobs and sturdy folding legs keep the overall size down to a minimum.

    To view the Power Pro 900 Tile Saw or any of the Vitrex range, visit:

    Thursday, 14 January 2010

    Bahco Ergo Screwdrivers - Ergonomics 101

    42 muscles come in to play each time time the hand grips a screwdriver and when this is done on a daily basis, the risk of over exertion, RSI or even numbness comes in to play. When a screwdriver is ergonomically designed, this will reduce greatly the risk or damaged to the user.

    Ergonomics can be defines as the science between the environment and the people who act or react with it. Each person is different and when taking in to account their natural preconditions, limitations and working environments, the object of designing and manufacturing Bahco ergo screwdrivers or other ergonomic tools is to reduce the injuries or repetitive strain caused when using them for periods of time. A well designed, ergo screwdriver should be efficient at the task and comfortable to use.

    The design of the Bahco ergo screwdrivers is based on an 11 point scientifically recognised programme. Ergonomic research is gathered from users, industrial designers, ergonomists and through trials and testing. This research is then sent to the development department so that new designs and modifications can be examined, tested and prototyped.

    All Bacho ergo screwdrivers that have been developed using this programme will be marked with the ERGO® symbol.

    To view the range of Bacho Ergo Screwdrivers, visit:

    Lindstrom Precision Tools - Cutters

    When it comes to precision cutting tools, Lindstrom are definitely a leader in this market. Their range of precision tools include screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers and cutting tools and extend to over 1000 products. If a suitable tool cannot be found for the task you require, the will work with the customer to design, engineer and build it.

    Lindstrom have been manufacturing precision tools since 1856 and have set a very high standard which they maintain through a technical understanding, market requirements and a commitment to advanced technology.

    Each range of cutting tools come in different handle styles, RX, CO, DS and HS. The RX is the ultimate in ergonomic and ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe handles. The CO is a standard shape handle in conductive material. The DS is a standard handle in dissipative material. He HS is the traditional ergonomic handle shape made from dissipative material.

    Along side the handle choices, the Lindstrom cutters are available in 4 different sizes including extra small, small, medium and large.

    As each task requires different tools, the shape of the cutters vary to suit the task. The head of the cutter is shaped to carry out different types of cut depending on the angle, shape and taper. Currently available head shapes include oval, tapered, tapered and relieved, angle, tip and end.

    To compliment the shape of the head, the cut/surface is also a factor and can be micro-bevel, flush, ultra-flush, smooth and serrated. If the cutting result is not critical, then use a cutter with the Micro-Bevel® cut for the best capacity and life in most applications. Choose a cutter with the Flush cut for slightly tighter specifications. Use the Ultra-Flush® cut only when required, as it requires the most care in use. The Ultra-Flush® cut is specifically designed to eliminate the "pinches" other cutters make.

    To view our range of Lindstrom Precision Cutter, visit:

    Wednesday, 13 January 2010

    What does VDE mean?

    VDE screwdrivers are used throughout the world, but do you know what VDE means or stands for?

    What does VDE mean?

    To ensure that screwdrivers are safe to use when working with electricity, standards are set for testing screwdrivers and other hand tools and this standard is know as VDE. VDE takes its acronym from the company Verband der Elektrotechnik (Origionally - Association of German Electrical Enginners, now - Association for Electrical, Electronic &Information Technologies) in Germany who are responsible for testing and certifying tools and appliances.

    The VDE standard is being recognised more and more these days especially in the light of health and safety regulations which are now everwhere in the building trade. Seeing the VDE trademark on a pair of pliers or a screwdriver gives assurance that it is safe to use. Alongside the VDE mark is often found a voltage limit which indicates the voltage that this tool is safe to work with. Like most safety standards, the voltage these tools are tested to is far and above the limit printed on the tool ensuring maximum safety.

    To bear the VDE Certification Mark, tools are put through very rigorous testing to ensure that the quality, construction, safety and even ergonomics meet with protective requirements of the applicable EC Directive.

    To view our range of VDE tools, visit:

    Tuesday, 12 January 2010

    Bahco Spirit Levels - Are They On The Level?

    Bahco have entered the market with their 466 range of box section spirit levels and after having the first sample arrive today, I can say now, I'm impressed. The sturdy box section spirit level is well designed, has an anodized finish for longer lasting protection and rubber end caps giving safety against damage from knocks and drops (they are drop tested to 2 metres).

    The main face has been milled for improved accuracy and a 'V' groove runs the whole length of the level which allows for use on pipes, tubes or other curved surfaces. A laser marked measuring scale also features on one side allowing for use as a rule.

    The vials on the Bahco spirit levels are large, clear and easy to read and feature 3 lines to indicated plumb centre, 2 degrees and 4 degrees off centre.

    3 Of the levels also have strong magnets build in to the main face for use on metal surfaces. but all the levels in the Bahco 466 range are tested and are accurate to .5mm per metre.

    To view the current range of Bahco spirit levels, visit:

    Einhell Chainsaws - Making The Cut

    When it come to the complete package, Einhell definitely hit the mark. Their latest chainsaw kit comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Alongside the 37cc petrol powered chainsaw, the kit comes with:
    • Spare chainsaw blade - ensuring that you won't be chasing around for a replacement when it finally does go blunt or even breaks.
    • Chainsaw file - allows the user keep a sharp edge on the blade.
    • 2 stroke oil.
    • Protective gloves.
    • Protective helmet, ear defenders and face guard - to prevent flying debris and to protect the ears.
    • A fitted bag - to keep the chainsaw in when not in use.
    The Einhell BG-PC3735 petrol chainsaw has an auto choke and electric ignition which means easier starting everytime. No more pull cords and wearing your self out starting it before even getting on with the task in hand. To prevent injury, the Einhell chainsaw has a chain break finger guard which will stop the chain within milliseconds of releasing it, this is to prevent accident or kickback.

    To keep the chainsaw operating efficiently, it has a chain catch which prevents the chain from jumping out of the rail. To make using the chainsaw more comfortable, it is fitted with an anti vibration system which cushions the shocks created while cutting.

    Weighing in at only 5.7kg, the BG-PC3735 is a powerful machine and with a cutting rail length of 350mm and a powerful 37cc engine, it is more than capable of performing day to day logging tasks.

    To view more details or to purchase the Einhell chainsaw, visit:

    Thursday, 7 January 2010

    Bahco Axes and Hatches - I thought They Were The Same Thing

    What is the difference between a hatchet and an axe I hear you ask?

    A hatchet is lightweight axe with a shorter handle making them easier to use and carry. The head has a thin blade making for a finer cut which also makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor tasks. Most hatchets heads fall in to the weight category of .6 to 1kg and have a handle length of around 360 - 500mm.

    Hand axes are slightly longer and heavier than hatchets which makes them ideal for trimming trees and other general tasks. The head has a thin blade and together with a longer handle, the hand axe offers a longer swing and deeper cut. Hand axes heads usually weigh approx 1kg and have handle lengths of between 600 - 700mm.

    Felling axes are heavier still and have a much larger handle. This combined with a heavy gives a much better swing and therefore a deeper cut. The felling axe is designed for cutting down trees or chopping up larger logs. The weight of the felling axe head is between 1.4 - 2.3kg and the shaft length ranges from 800mm to 900mm.

    Splitting axes and mauls are similar in weight and length to the felling axes but with one main difference, the head. On a splitting axe, the head is wedge shaped and the back of the head is flat and hammer shaped, this is for knocking in splitting wedges. More often, the splitting axes have a straight shaft while felling axes have a shaped shaft.

    Bahco manufacture a large range of hatchets and axes ranging from the standard camping hatchet to the Canadian felling axe. Different types of axes and hatchets are available can come with either wooden or fibreglass handles.

    To view our range of axes and hatchets, visit: