Saturday, 30 January 2010

Estwing Hammertooth Joist Claw Hammer

Estwing have developed a unique hammer that allows working with joist a lot easier. The shaft of the hammer has a tooth on the side allowing for the claw and tooth to fit over a joist and adjust it while nailing. The Estwing Hammertooth hammer has a smooth face finish to the head and a shock protection vinyl grip. It weighs 22oz (624 grams) and is 13½" (343mm) long.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Bahco SB-2448 Heavy Duty Wrecking Knife

The wrecking knife has been designed to be used like a regular chisel 1" (25mm) or when turned sideways a 4" (100mm) wide knife. It can also be used like a machete to chop or whittle wood. The blade back is 4mm thick and made from hardened steel and can be used like a 4" chisel with a hammer on the back of the blade for added force. The handle has a curved guard to protect the knuckles while in use and can also be used with a hammer. The wrecking knife comes in handy for an number of useful woodworking tasks and is always handy to have with you. The knife comes complete with a holster so can easily be carried with you. The holster has button clip to keep the wrecking knife secure when not in use.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Triton BJA300 Biscuit Joiner for Triton Router Table

The Triton Biscuit Jointer has been designed to fit on the Triton Router Table. The jointer creates fast and strong invisible joints.
Ideal for bevel mitre, rail-to-stile, edge-to-edge, end-to-end, rail-to-post edge.

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Triton WCA390 Blade Height Winder Kit for Workcentre

The Triton WCA390 is a blade height winder attachment for the Triton Workcentre series 2000. It attaches to the table and circular saw to allow quick and accurate adjustments to the blade height.

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Triton Superjaws - Getting to Grips With Your Tools

Triton, an Australian based company have been designing and building power tools, workshop tools and machinery since 1976. Triton's philosophy of 'building tools you can rely on' is still at the forefront of everthing they do. The Triton Superjaws portable clamping system was designed back in 1992, and now in its latest design, is still going strong.

The SJA200 Superjaws is a portable workstation, useful for indoor or outdoor tasks. It provides a fast, hands-free clamping action capable of holding materials up to 956mm wide and has a massive 1000kg clamping force to hold it in place. The material is clamped in place by pressing on the foot pedal until the desired pressure is achieved, then move the locking switch and press once more on the pedal to lock. To release the material, move the lock switch to off and press once on the pedal and the jaws will release.

The Superjaws are made from steel and are powder coated for a long lasting finish. The folding legs allow for easy storage and as it only weighs 16kg it is easily transported. The jaws have a Urethane protective facing giving a slip resistant grip.

Along side the standard jaws, 2 other sets of jaws are available to be fitted to the Superjaws, they are the log and Pole Gripping Jaws and the Engineers Jaws. The log and pole jaws have large teeth which will tenaciously grip the log or pole allowing you to saw, drill, rebate or chainsaw it. The engineers jaws are designed for heavy duty metal working. The jaws are shaped to better hold pipe or bar up to 50mm (2 inch) and they also have an anvil face for metal working.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Tacwise 181EL Nailer and 140EL Stapler Kit

Nowadays everyone is looking for an easier ot quicker way of doing things, people just don't want to wait, this is probably one of the reasons the electric nailer was created. Why use a hammer and nails, you hit your thumb, bend the nail, damage the wood, next you start cussing and get angry! It's not very productive. Simple, get the electric nailer out, load with a strip of collated nails, turn on and start nailing, safely, accurately and quickly.

Our latest offer is the Tacwise ultimate stapling and nailing kit comprising a 181EL master nailer, a 140EL staple tacker, a professional staple remover and 5,000 nails and staples.

The Tacwise 181EL is a electric 240 volt nailer capable of firing nails from 10mm to 35mm. It can fire up to 4 nails per second making it great for door frames and skirting board or flooring. The nailer can hold up to 100 nails meaning you have to stop less to refill. The 181EL has a rubber nose to protect the surface from being marked or damaged. The handle has a ruberised grip making it more comfortable when using for long periods of time. A refill window is fitted to the side of the nailer so that you can keep an eye on how many nails are left.

Also included in this kit is the Tacwise 140EL staple tacker. It is also mains powered and comes with a long power cord allowing for easier access when working. It fires type 140 staples and has a load capacity of 100. The stapler is ideal for jobs such as fixing wire mesh to wood, office screens, blinds and awnings and roofing felt. To prevent accidental firing, it has a safety double trigger and a safety on/off switch for added protection.

To complete the kit, a staple remover is included and a generous supply of staples (2000) and nails (3000).

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Vitrex Tile Saws, Tools and Safety Equipment

Vitrex have been in business for over 60 years and have a large range tile saws, tiling tools, safety equipment and hand tools. Their aim is to design, manufacture and distribute professional quality products at affordable prices.

When it comes to tile cutters and tile saws, Vitrex have a tool for each application. Whether it is the powerful electric bridge saw which can cut up to 610mm tiles down to the simpler hobby tile cutter, all are manufactured to a high standard and offer excellent quality of service. Each Vitrex tool pack includes a clear descriptive title and illustrations showing the tool in use. Step-by-step instructions are included which are well written and illustrated so that the user can start straight away.

One of the most popular Vitrex items is the Power Pro 900 Wet Tile Cutting Saw. It has a powerful 900 watt motor and is capable of cutting tiles up to 35mm thick. The table bed allows for cutting tiles uo tp 610mm in length or 415mm diagonally and can cut mitre angles of 0 - 45 degrees. It has a 200mm blade capable of cutting ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granit, marble and natuaral stone. To protect the motor, it has thermal overload protection ensuring the smooth running of the cutter. It has a sliding ruler and locking mitre for perfect cuts over and over again. Carrying handles are fitted for easy transportation between jobs and sturdy folding legs keep the overall size down to a minimum.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bahco Ergo Screwdrivers - Ergonomics 101

42 muscles come in to play each time time the hand grips a screwdriver and when this is done on a daily basis, the risk of over exertion, RSI or even numbness comes in to play. When a screwdriver is ergonomically designed, this will reduce greatly the risk or damaged to the user.

Ergonomics can be defines as the science between the environment and the people who act or react with it. Each person is different and when taking in to account their natural preconditions, limitations and working environments, the object of designing and manufacturing Bahco ergo screwdrivers or other ergonomic tools is to reduce the injuries or repetitive strain caused when using them for periods of time. A well designed, ergo screwdriver should be efficient at the task and comfortable to use.

The design of the Bahco ergo screwdrivers is based on an 11 point scientifically recognised programme. Ergonomic research is gathered from users, industrial designers, ergonomists and through trials and testing. This research is then sent to the development department so that new designs and modifications can be examined, tested and prototyped.

All Bacho ergo screwdrivers that have been developed using this programme will be marked with the ERGO® symbol.

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Lindstrom Precision Tools - Cutters

When it comes to precision cutting tools, Lindstrom are definitely a leader in this market. Their range of precision tools include screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers and cutting tools and extend to over 1000 products. If a suitable tool cannot be found for the task you require, the will work with the customer to design, engineer and build it.

Lindstrom have been manufacturing precision tools since 1856 and have set a very high standard which they maintain through a technical understanding, market requirements and a commitment to advanced technology.

Each range of cutting tools come in different handle styles, RX, CO, DS and HS. The RX is the ultimate in ergonomic and ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe handles. The CO is a standard shape handle in conductive material. The DS is a standard handle in dissipative material. He HS is the traditional ergonomic handle shape made from dissipative material.

Along side the handle choices, the Lindstrom cutters are available in 4 different sizes including extra small, small, medium and large.

As each task requires different tools, the shape of the cutters vary to suit the task. The head of the cutter is shaped to carry out different types of cut depending on the angle, shape and taper. Currently available head shapes include oval, tapered, tapered and relieved, angle, tip and end.

To compliment the shape of the head, the cut/surface is also a factor and can be micro-bevel, flush, ultra-flush, smooth and serrated. If the cutting result is not critical, then use a cutter with the Micro-Bevel® cut for the best capacity and life in most applications. Choose a cutter with the Flush cut for slightly tighter specifications. Use the Ultra-Flush® cut only when required, as it requires the most care in use. The Ultra-Flush® cut is specifically designed to eliminate the "pinches" other cutters make.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What does VDE mean?

VDE screwdrivers are used throughout the world, but do you know what VDE means or stands for?

What does VDE mean?

To ensure that screwdrivers are safe to use when working with electricity, standards are set for testing screwdrivers and other hand tools and this standard is know as VDE. VDE takes its acronym from the company Verband der Elektrotechnik (Origionally - Association of German Electrical Enginners, now - Association for Electrical, Electronic &Information Technologies) in Germany who are responsible for testing and certifying tools and appliances.

The VDE standard is being recognised more and more these days especially in the light of health and safety regulations which are now everwhere in the building trade. Seeing the VDE trademark on a pair of pliers or a screwdriver gives assurance that it is safe to use. Alongside the VDE mark is often found a voltage limit which indicates the voltage that this tool is safe to work with. Like most safety standards, the voltage these tools are tested to is far and above the limit printed on the tool ensuring maximum safety.

To bear the VDE Certification Mark, tools are put through very rigorous testing to ensure that the quality, construction, safety and even ergonomics meet with protective requirements of the applicable EC Directive.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bahco Spirit Levels - Are They On The Level?

Bahco have entered the market with their 466 range of box section spirit levels and after having the first sample arrive today, I can say now, I'm impressed. The sturdy box section spirit level is well designed, has an anodized finish for longer lasting protection and rubber end caps giving safety against damage from knocks and drops (they are drop tested to 2 metres).

The main face has been milled for improved accuracy and a 'V' groove runs the whole length of the level which allows for use on pipes, tubes or other curved surfaces. A laser marked measuring scale also features on one side allowing for use as a rule.

The vials on the Bahco spirit levels are large, clear and easy to read and feature 3 lines to indicated plumb centre, 2 degrees and 4 degrees off centre.

3 Of the levels also have strong magnets build in to the main face for use on metal surfaces. but all the levels in the Bahco 466 range are tested and are accurate to .5mm per metre.

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Einhell Chainsaws - Making The Cut

When it come to the complete package, Einhell definitely hit the mark. Their latest chainsaw kit comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Alongside the 37cc petrol powered chainsaw, the kit comes with:
  • Spare chainsaw blade - ensuring that you won't be chasing around for a replacement when it finally does go blunt or even breaks.
  • Chainsaw file - allows the user keep a sharp edge on the blade.
  • 2 stroke oil.
  • Protective gloves.
  • Protective helmet, ear defenders and face guard - to prevent flying debris and to protect the ears.
  • A fitted bag - to keep the chainsaw in when not in use.
The Einhell BG-PC3735 petrol chainsaw has an auto choke and electric ignition which means easier starting everytime. No more pull cords and wearing your self out starting it before even getting on with the task in hand. To prevent injury, the Einhell chainsaw has a chain break finger guard which will stop the chain within milliseconds of releasing it, this is to prevent accident or kickback.

To keep the chainsaw operating efficiently, it has a chain catch which prevents the chain from jumping out of the rail. To make using the chainsaw more comfortable, it is fitted with an anti vibration system which cushions the shocks created while cutting.

Weighing in at only 5.7kg, the BG-PC3735 is a powerful machine and with a cutting rail length of 350mm and a powerful 37cc engine, it is more than capable of performing day to day logging tasks.

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bahco Axes and Hatches - I thought They Were The Same Thing

What is the difference between a hatchet and an axe I hear you ask?

A hatchet is lightweight axe with a shorter handle making them easier to use and carry. The head has a thin blade making for a finer cut which also makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor tasks. Most hatchets heads fall in to the weight category of .6 to 1kg and have a handle length of around 360 - 500mm.

Hand axes are slightly longer and heavier than hatchets which makes them ideal for trimming trees and other general tasks. The head has a thin blade and together with a longer handle, the hand axe offers a longer swing and deeper cut. Hand axes heads usually weigh approx 1kg and have handle lengths of between 600 - 700mm.

Felling axes are heavier still and have a much larger handle. This combined with a heavy gives a much better swing and therefore a deeper cut. The felling axe is designed for cutting down trees or chopping up larger logs. The weight of the felling axe head is between 1.4 - 2.3kg and the shaft length ranges from 800mm to 900mm.

Splitting axes and mauls are similar in weight and length to the felling axes but with one main difference, the head. On a splitting axe, the head is wedge shaped and the back of the head is flat and hammer shaped, this is for knocking in splitting wedges. More often, the splitting axes have a straight shaft while felling axes have a shaped shaft.

Bahco manufacture a large range of hatchets and axes ranging from the standard camping hatchet to the Canadian felling axe. Different types of axes and hatchets are available can come with either wooden or fibreglass handles.

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