Friday, 20 August 2010

Ronseal Wall Filler - Smooth Finish

After spending the last 2 years developing, Ronseal have now launched the Ronseal Smooth Finish Wall Filler range. The Ronseal Wall Filler range is one of smoothest fillers available and comes in 7 different types to suit a wide range of holes and cracks. All the tubes, tubs and containers are colour coded to easily show which type of filler they are.

The first of these is the Ronseal Hairline Crack Filler - this has been designed specifically for hairline cracks up to a wide of 5mm. It is one of the smoothest fillers in the range due to clever use of the latest technologies to make the particles in the filler extremely fine. This Ronseal Wall Filler dries and and is ready to decorate in about 2 hours.

Next in the range is the Ronseal Quick Drying Smooth Finish Filler - this filler has been created ideally for quick touch ups and is touch dry in just 30 minutes. It is suitable for repairs on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.

The most popular filler on the market is the multi purpose filler and Ronseal have developed their own version of this too. It is capable of filling up to 40mm deep gaps in one application where previous products could only fill 20mm. It too is also designed to be used on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.  Once fully dried, it can be drilled and screwed.

To compliment the indoor multi purpose filler, they have released the Ronseal External Multi Purpose Wall Filler. This has been formulated specifically to work with concrete, masonry and brickwork and is weatherproof and mould resistant.

One of the most popular uses for filler is fixing holes in the ceiling and the Ronseal 5 Minute Filler is the product for this. It is surface dry in about 5 minutes and due to its reduced weight, does not sag and therefore, less sanding is required. Its lightweight formula allows it to be used to fill deep gas as large as 70mm in just one application. Due to its unique formula for filling large gaps, this product is not suitable for drilling and screwing.

If you are looking for a product that can fill deep holes and still be drilled, screwed and nailed, then the Ronseal Big Hole Filler is the product. It is capable of filling a 50mm deep hole in one application and if the hole is even deep, just apply a second application. The formula prevents sagging and is usually touch dry in about 1-2 hours.

Finishing off the range is the Ronseal Super Flexible Filler which, as its name denote, is a flexible filler designed for use around door frame and skirting board. It can be used on gaps up to 6mm wide and due to it flexible nature, allows movement without cracking.

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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT2

Following on from the our previous article on Power Tools Safety, today we will be covering the safety aspects of the tools themselves.

When it comes to using power tools, looking after them and taking care of them is just as important as the safety equipment needed when using them. It is so easy to cut through a power cable or to damage the plug and this could be disastrous. Every year, hundreds of people are electrocuted or even killed using power tools that have been damaged or badly worn. Taking just 1 minute to give the tool and power cable a good look over to identify any damage that may have occurred previously could just save your life.

PAT testing should also be carried out on all power tools on a yearly basis but this does not exclude the user from carrying out their own safety checks on a daily basis.

Power tools are commonly used on building sites and often at great heights on scaffolding. This itself is not particularly dangerous as the scaffolding has already been safety checked but imagine dropping a tool weighing 5 kgs from this height, it becomes a deadly weapon to those working below. More and more power tools these days come with an anchor points for attaching safety lanyards to to prevent drops or falls. For those tools that do not have anchor points, it is more important to ensure that when resting the tool down, it is placed in a manor that prevents it from being knocked over the edge.

A common mistake when using power tools is to put off a repair until a job is finished but this is often when accidents can occur. If the tool becomes damaged either while in use, due to a fall or even a manufacturing fault, it should be taken out of commission immediately and taken for repair or replacement as soon as possible. It is advised that a tag or sticker be placed on the tool to allow other workers to identify this and prevent a potential accident occurring.

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Thursday, 12 August 2010

GMC Power Tools

GMC Power Tools (Global Machinery Company) were, until recently, an Australian owned company, but are now owned by Toolstream here in the UK.  They were established back in 1997 and pride themselves on being a leader in innovation in the power tools industry. Constantly researching and innovating new and improved products, GMC were one of the first to introduce the inverted table saw and the Redeye® laser line products, powered router table and dowelling machine.

Catering to both the Professional and the DIY enthusiat alike, GMC Power Tools have a large range of tools to suit most tasks. Included in this range are corded and cordless power tools, compressors and air tools, garden tools, woodworking tools and laser measuring tools. All the tools are manufactured to exacting standards and use some of the most modern composites such as carbon fibre and magnesium alloys which allow GMC to keep the strength require for these types of tools yet make them lighter.

When compared to other manufacturers of power tools, GMC offer great value for money, excellent after care and well designed tools.

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Power Tools Safety PT1

When using power tools, safety should always be one of the first things you should be aware of.  These factors are commonly overlooked and as a result, accidents and injuries can often occur. These would so easily be avoided if the correct safety equipment was being used or worn.

The first and probably the most important safety item on this list would be the safety glasses. They come in various styles and shapes and even come with tinted lenses for outdoor use. Many of the safety glasses made today also incorporate side protection or side shields. When operating power tools, sparks, splinters, fragments and particles of dust are very common and can cause eye irritation,  temporary or even permanent blindness. When you consider the cost of a pair of safety glasses, it far out ways the cost of loosing an eye.

The next item of safety equipment that is commonly not used is the safety gloves. Gloves not only offer protection for the hands but also cushion the hand from vibration often found in certain power tools. These too are also fairly inexpensive, and when an injury could cost the day off work, the benefits far out way the cost.

Good quality work boots can often cost anything from £30 - £100 and yet most workers are happy to pay this amount but then work with power tools without the use of safety glasses or gloves.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Security Tamper Torx

We are often asked, What is a Security Tamper Torx and what is the difference between standard Torx and a Security Tamper Torx?

The standard Torx screwdriver or screwdriver bit is a 6 pointed star shape which is designed to fit into a torx head screw and unlike other screw heads, does not 'cam out'. Phillips and Pozi were designed to 'cam out' when the right amount of torque was reached but as machines have taken over a lot more of the assembly of products nowadays, there was a requirement for the driver bit to remain seated and let the machine control the torque.  A Security Tamper Torx is still the same 6 pointed star shape but also has a small hole in the middle of the bit and a matching pin in the torx head of the screw. This prevents regular torx screwdrivers from being used and adds a level of security to the device or product.

Many products are assembled using torx fitting these days and when manufacturers wish to prevent the purchaser from attempting to tamper with or disassemble their products, they turn to the security tamper torx fittings as the torx drivers for these are not as readily available as other types.

Torx head sizes are measured from point to point and are given a number that corresponds to this measurement. They are shown with a 'T' and then a number 'T10' afterwards to denote there size. One of the most common sizes is the T10 but they are available from T1, which are used in electronics and computers all the way up to T100 for automotive and garage equipment.

Below is a table giving the sizes in metric and imperial and the torque for each torx size.

Size Imp Met Torque
T1.031.81mm.02 to .03 N m
T2.036.93mm.07 to .09 N m
T3.0461.10mm.14 to .18 N m
T4.0501.28mm.22 to .28 N m
T5.055"1.42 mm.43  to .51 N m
T6.066"1.70 mm.75 to .9 N m
T7.078"1.99 mm1.4 to 1.7 N m
T8.090"2.31 mm2.2 to 2.6 N m
T9.098"2.50 mm2.8 to 3.4 N m
T10.107"2.74 mm3.7 to 4.5 N m
T15.128"3.27 mm6.4 to 7.7 N m
T20.151"3.86 mm10.5 to 12.7 N m
T25.173"4.43 mm15.9 to 19 N m
T27.195"4.99 mm22.5 to 26.9 N m
T30.216"5.52 mm31.1 to 37.4 N m
T40.260"6.65 mm54.1 to 65.1 N m
T45.306"7.82 mm86 to 103.2 N m
T50.346"8.83 mm132 to 158 N m
T55.440"11.22 mm218 to 256 N m
T60.51913.25 mm379 to 445 N m
T70.61015.51 mm630 t0 700 N m
T80.69017.54 mm943 to 1048 N m
T90.78419.92 mm1334 to 1483 N m
T100.87122.13 mm1843 to 2048 N m

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Bahco Laplander

The Bahco Laplander is a must for all gardeners. It is a folding 190mm saw which is useful for trimming an pruning of large bushes and trees.

The Laplander has a locking mechanism to prevent the blade from folding back in on the handle when in use. This is a great safety feature when working off the ground either on ladders or up in the branches of a tree.

The overall length of the Bahco Laplander is 420mm, 190mm blade length and 230mm handle length. The blade has over 50 sharp teeth which have been designed for cutting through green wood and can also be used for cutting up small kindling.

The handle of the Bahco Laplander has a leather loop strap at the back to allow it to be placed around the wrist when working and this prevent the user from dropping it if they let their grip go.

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