Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vitrex Floorwarm Underfloor Heating for Tiled and Wooden Floors

Why choose Vitrex Underfloor Heating? By using underfloor heating, you get a more even room temperature even when the heating is a few degrees lower than radiators. As heat rises, by using underfloor heating, you get a more even temperature and this avoids cold spots.

How does the Vitrex Underfloor Heating work? The floor is gently warmed by the heating element in the form of a cable that is simply laid under either tiled or wooden floors. The heating element connects to a wall mounted thermostat which monitors the air temperature in the room and the temperature under the floor to give the desired warmth required.

How do I lay Vitrex Underfloor Heating? Laying the underfloor heating is quite simple for both the tile and wood/laminate versions:

  1. Measure and prepare the floor surface and create a plan where to lay the matting. 
  2. Insulate to ensure optimum performance and speed up heating times.
  3. Roll out the mat as per the room plan. Full instructions are included.
  4. Connect the thermostat to the matting to regulate the room temperature.
  5. For Tiles: Lay the flooring using a powdered tile adhesive and apply it over the mat and cable and set tiles as normal. For Laminate or Wood: As the mat for the laminate / wood flooring is foil based, just lay the flooring according to the manufacturers instructions.
  6. Set the thermostat and enjoy the beautifully warm floors.
When it come to monitoring the temperature, there are 3 options to choose from, the entry level model is the manual dial type thermostat. This works simply by rotating the dial to the desire temperature and start to feel the warmth. The second model is the Digital LCD Thermostat and as the name implies, come with an LCD screen giving the temperature and buttons to set the temperature of the room easily. The final model is the Touchscreen Thermostat. This works in a similar way to the Digital LCD model but instead of buttons, it has a touch screen to set it by.

As long as the floor is correctly installed and wired by a qualified electrician, the Vitrex Floorwarm Underfloor heating comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the tile version and a 15 year Limited Warranty for the wood floor version.

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