Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ryobi TEK4 Cordless Tools

Ryobi have released their versatile TEK4 range of tools, and each one of the tools in the range can use the 4 volt, 1.5Ah interchangeable batteries. Whether it is DIY at home or professional work on site, these Ryobi TEK4 cordless tools can withstand the weather elements and are rugged enough to withstand the daily dirt and grim of the work environment.

All the tools in the range operate from 1 single Lithium Ion battery and these batteries will outlast 6000 AA alkaline batteries reducing waste and money. They have built in PCB which protects the cell against temperature damage due to over discharge or over charging.

With a 2 speed gear box and 24 torque settings, the Ryobi CSD42L Screwdriver is a powerful little workhorse. It has a 6.35mm hex fitting reception so screwdriver bit can be fitted straight in without the need for a chuck. A bright LED is fitted for illuminating dimly lit areas.

When it comes to cutting material like denim, thin sheet metal, packaging, PVC, chicken wire, cardboard, lino or carpet, the Ryobi TEK4 Power Cutter Snips make light work of this. They only weigh 360g but pack plenty of power.

Laser levels are becoming more and more common place and not to be left out, Ryobi have also brought out a cross line laser level with plumb bob functionality. This self levelling laser level can project a line up to 10m either vertically or horizontally, making putting up shelving or hanging pictures a breeze.

The Ryobi TEK4 Digital Multimeter is a must have for all electrical jobs. It is simple to use yet accurate and has 9 different setting for measuring current, volts and amps. A tilt stand is built in for stand alone use and a hanging hook allows for hands free use.

Does your sink back up or your drain not flow away as quickly as you would expect, then the Inspection Scope with Colour LCD display is the answer. The camera at the end of the 1 metre long, waterproof cable has bright LEDs to illuminate allowing you to easily see any blockage or damage. It is also useful for looking behind cavity walls or under floor boards.

Along side all these tools, you will also find noise reduction headphones and MP3 players to LED torches and utility lights as well as motion detectors and travel chargers.

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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Purdy Paint Brushes - Professional Tools Superior Finish

Purdy are manufacturers of high quality, professional paint brushes. Manufactured in Portland, Oregan by hand, all Purdy Paint Brushes are hand assembled and each brush has is signed with a personalised sticker attached to the ferule to identify the brush maker. To be able to become a brush maker, each employee receives two years of intensive training to gain all the skills required to be able to build the brushes to the high standards established by Purdy.

Made from a blend of DuPont solid round tapered Chinex and Orel filaments, Purdy were the first company to introduce the nylon filament brushes and as a result of this, the brushes last at least 5 times longer than those using natural bristle. Due to unique characteristics of the Chinex, the filaments continue to self flag as the brush wears giving a perfect paiting tip during its life time.

All the top of the range brushes in the Purdy paint brush range have stainless steel ferules which ensures that the they do not rust after years of use. The handles are made from a natural wood and have not been varnished which ensures the wood absorbs any liquid and prevents the paint from coming through the ferule and on to the hand.

At the top of the range are the Purdy Monarch Elite paint brushes which are designed for the professional who requires a superior finish with an excellent paint coverage. With Purdy's proprietary tipping and flagging process, these brushes are engineered for greater paint lift, smooth application and fast clean up. The Elite brushes are hand chiselled for shape and easier precision cutting in.

Next in the range are the Pro-Extra Monarch which are easily identified by their blue keepers. These brushes are stiffer and are ideal for use with heavy bodied paints and the extra length out and filament thickness provides extra wear and paint holding capacity. For professionals who are used to using natural bristle brushes, these are more closer in use than the Monarch Elite due to the stiffness of the filaments.

All the Purdy paint brushes in these ranges come complete with a keeper (colour coordinated to the range, yellow - Monarch Elite, blue - Pro-Extra Monarch), these are designed to keep the brush in when not in use and ensure the the filaments are kept neat and tidy and do not splay out.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Black & Decker Steam Mop

Black & Decker have done it again and come up with yet another one of their unique gadget tools that you just have to have. The Black & Decker FSM1600 Autoselect Steam Mop does just what it says, mops the floors using steam. Using a cleverly designed steam system, the Black & Decker Steam Mop generates steam from the water container and produces just the correct amount of steam depending on the floor surface.

The head of the Steam Mop has a swivel connection which allows the user to reach around furniture and awkward areas with ease. Once filled with water, it is ready to use in just 15 seconds and the tank illumination changes from red to blue to indicate this.

As this uses steam instead of water to clean the floor, the Black & Decker Steam Mop kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs using no chemical at all. As it uses steam to do all the work, the floor dries very quickly and leaves no streaks.

The re-usable microfibre pad gives excellent deep cleaning and is washable. The hands-free pad can be removed simply by just stepping on the tag at the back.

Using steam to clean with means that the FSM1600 can be used on carpets to refresh and deodorise using the carpet glider included.

The Black & Decker Steam Mop is self-standing when not in use and will auto shut-off when locked in the upright position. A cord wrap is included and the mop can be wall mounter for easy storage.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Einhell 4 Function SDS Hammer Drill and Chsiel

Often when using an SDS hammer for chiselling, you have to hold the tool in line with the material you are chiselling. This is often uncomfortable and not always easy to do. Would it not be easier to leave the hammer action on but allow the chuck to rotate to allow the chisel to follow the contours of the surface material without having to awkwardly twist and turn the machine to suit.

Einhell think this way too and have now manufactured a power tool to do just this. Their new SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, the RT-RH26 does just this. It has all the usual functions that most SDS Hammers have including rotary drilling, hammer drilling, rotary stop for chiselling and now the new chisel function without fixation.

So how do this new function work? Simply by selecting the chisel without rotary stop function on the side of the tool, it will give you a fully functional hammer action for chiselling and allow the chuck to rotate allowing for the chisel blade to stay flat against the area being chipped or chiselled.

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Monday, 14 March 2011

Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters

Now that the weather is starting to dry up and the sunshine is appearing for longer periods of time, it is time to get in to the garden and start to cut and trim back the lawn and borders. It is all well and good getting down on your knees with the grass shears but there are better and quicker ways of accomplishing these tasks. Bring on the Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters.

What is the difference between a Line Trimmer and a Brush Cutter I hear you ask? Quite simply it is down to the head attachment, a Line Trimmer has a thin nylon line that is distributed to a set length and the high speed of the head allows the line to cut through the long grass or weeds. The Brush Cutter uses a metal two or three arm blade and are capable of cutting through thicker weeds and overgrown areas.

When it comes to Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters, you have three choices, corded electric powered, cordless battery powered and petrol engine powered, all three have there advantages and disadvantages.

Lets start with the corded variety as these are usually the easiest and quickest to get started with. When it comes to mains powered Line Trimmers, simplicity is king. All these types of garden tools are powered by a lightweight electric motor and have a power cord which plugs in to the mains outlet. The mains powered electric models advantages include being lightweight, easy to maneuver and simple to operate. The main disadvantage though with mains powered garden tools is the length of power cord which limits the operating area.

Following on from the corded models are the battery powered Line Trimmers. These are usually powered by similar electric motors on the corded models but instead of a power cord, it has an on-board battery system. The main advantage of these models over the corded variety is the working area is not restricted by the length of cord. The disadvantages the battery powered models have is the added weight of the battery system and the longevity of the battery power. Unless you have spare batteries, you will have to wait around for the battery to charge back up to full strength.

Due to the low power output with electric motors, they are usually not powerful enough to power Brush Cutters as the blade require much more power to turn.

Finally we get to the petrol engine powered models. Due to the design of petrol engines, these are capable of generating far more power and therefore used in most Brush Cutters and Line Trimmers. As there are no power cords, they are not restricted to working within a confined areas and providing sufficient fuel is on hand, can be used all day long. With this amount of flexibly comes a price, weight, due to the design of petrol engines and the added on-board fuel tank, these tools are generally heavier than their electric cousins.

Overall the petrol powered models give the best results but tend to be

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stanley 3 in 1 LED Tripod Torch

The Stanley 3-in-1 tripod torch can be used as either three individual flashlights or when combined together, a powerful, free standing torch. The Stanley LED tripod torch can be used hands-free as, with it's tripod design, it can be positioned practically anywhere, under a vehicle bonnet, in a loft or garage or anywhere where you will benefit from it's maximum 50 lumens of light. Each of the heads of the torch can be angled to 120 degrees.

The heads of these Stanley torches as they are equipped with 120-degree ratcheting head design which means that they can be angled to suit the users requirements. This is an excellent torch for emergencies as it can be split between 3 people giving more light and more usability.

The torches work on AA batteries and each of 3 torches use 2 AA batteries.

Each torch has a 20 lumen light capacity and when combined will generate a maximum up to 50 lumens of light. They  are weather resistant and are ideal for all outdoor work places, especially for camping, fishing or any outdoor activity.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Berg Plaster Mixing Drill

800W 110V Berg Mixer Drill
Special offer for today only is the Berg 800W Plaster Mixing Drill 110V now only £69.99 inc VAT.

Berg EHR080B Power Plaster Mixing Paddle Mixing Drill 800W - 110V Features

  • Electronic single speed power mixer for medium-sized mixture volumes (up to 40 litres).
  • Very high performance with powerful 800 W motor.
  • Infinitely variable electronic speed control (solid shaft electronics).
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment depending on the consistency of the mixture material.
  • Soft start prevents uncontrolled spraying of the mixture material.
  • The extra-wide all-round handle offers an optimal, ergonomic and power-saving method of working.
  • Optimal and safe working procedure provided by the all-round handle with the integrated operational elements.
  • Resistant and robust as well as being reliable in service.
  • Capable of mixing mortar, floor screed, ready-mixed plaster,cement, concrete, epoxy resin, sealing compound, bitumen, gypsum and granules, etc.

Berg EHR080B Power Plaster Mixing Paddle Mixing Drill 800W - 110V Specifications

  • Powerful 800W motor.
  • Number of gears 1.
  • No load speed 250-700 (min-1).
  • Available in 110V.
  • Tool fitting / clamp thread M14 x 2.
  • Protective type / protective class - Double insulation/ II.
  • Crtification in accordance with EU-Norm CE.
  • Mixing paddle (Ø max.) 105 mm.
  • Weight (excluding mixing paddle) 2.9 kg.
  • Mixture volume 40 L.
  • Packaging units (SB / UB / PAL) 1 / 3 / 42.
  • Clamping device (Ø) 43 mm.
  • Newtonmeter (Nm) 9.8.
  • Guarantee 24 months.
  • Complete with helical ribbon paddle.
  • 110 v with plug.