Saturday, 9 July 2011

Purdy Paint Brushes - Professional Tools Superior Finish

Purdy are manufacturers of high quality, professional paint brushes. Manufactured in Portland, Oregan by hand, all Purdy Paint Brushes are hand assembled and each brush has is signed with a personalised sticker attached to the ferule to identify the brush maker. To be able to become a brush maker, each employee receives two years of intensive training to gain all the skills required to be able to build the brushes to the high standards established by Purdy.

Made from a blend of DuPont solid round tapered Chinex and Orel filaments, Purdy were the first company to introduce the nylon filament brushes and as a result of this, the brushes last at least 5 times longer than those using natural bristle. Due to unique characteristics of the Chinex, the filaments continue to self flag as the brush wears giving a perfect paiting tip during its life time.

All the top of the range brushes in the Purdy paint brush range have stainless steel ferules which ensures that the they do not rust after years of use. The handles are made from a natural wood and have not been varnished which ensures the wood absorbs any liquid and prevents the paint from coming through the ferule and on to the hand.

At the top of the range are the Purdy Monarch Elite paint brushes which are designed for the professional who requires a superior finish with an excellent paint coverage. With Purdy's proprietary tipping and flagging process, these brushes are engineered for greater paint lift, smooth application and fast clean up. The Elite brushes are hand chiselled for shape and easier precision cutting in.

Next in the range are the Pro-Extra Monarch which are easily identified by their blue keepers. These brushes are stiffer and are ideal for use with heavy bodied paints and the extra length out and filament thickness provides extra wear and paint holding capacity. For professionals who are used to using natural bristle brushes, these are more closer in use than the Monarch Elite due to the stiffness of the filaments.

All the Purdy paint brushes in these ranges come complete with a keeper (colour coordinated to the range, yellow - Monarch Elite, blue - Pro-Extra Monarch), these are designed to keep the brush in when not in use and ensure the the filaments are kept neat and tidy and do not splay out.

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