Friday, 27 April 2012

Anti-Pick Sealant

Anti-pick sealant is commonly used in prisons or hospitals where a degree of resistance to finger picking is required but yet still allows for a small amount movement. Made from solvent free sealant, chemically cured with Everbuild's Hybriflex technology (which is a combination of silicone and polyurethane), the anti-pick sealant has excellent impact and wear resistance as well as resistance to picking by fingers. Often used around door frames and window frames to prevent circumvention, the Anti-pick sets solid yet still maintains a degree of flexibility.

Used where regular silicone sealant could be removed or used as a ligature in prison cells, anti-pick mastic has properties that prevent fingers picking it away from the surrounding material. It has great primerless adhesive qualities and bonds very well with most surface including metal, plastic, glass and polyester. It is resistant to chemicals and petrol and can be overpainted when required.

Once the anti-pick sealant has been applied, it has a plus or minus movement accommodation of 20% so allows for movement of the surrounding materials or surfaces.Due to its unique formulation, it is non hazardous to health and can also be applied to surfaces even when damp. A high UV resistance as well as aggressive atmosphere resistance make the very durable and hardwearing.

Under normal usage, a single tube of Anti-pick will give approx 11 linear metres of silicone sealant.

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