Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wera Joker - The Wrench That Does It All

Back in March of this year at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Wera launched the new Joker, a revolutionary combination ratchet wrench. Unfortunately at this time, this was only for Germany and the US but as of today, 1st May 2012, they are now available here in the UK.

Using a unique straight design instead of the angled design used by most other spanners, the Wera Joker is able to create a smaller return angle of just 30 degrees. With such a small return angle, this means you will not have to keep turning the wrench over for the next turn. This prevents less knuckle bashing but above all, makes it easier to work in tightly confined spaces. The double-hex geometry head makes a more positive connection with the nut or bolt which will reduce the chance of slip out or damaged to the bolt or nut.

The Joker is manufactured from chrome-molybdenum steel and has a nickel-chrome coating instead of the gloss finish chrome used by other manufacturers. This gives the spanner a better grip in the hand and also reduces the chance of slipping when tightening or loosening bolts.

With a tooth count of 80, the ratchet mechanism of the Joker is exceptional and gives even more flexibility than ever before, even in confined spaces. With this many teeth in the ratchet system, it makes the wrench more precise and accurate.

The exchangeable hardened metal gripping plate literally bites in to the nut or bolt with its extremely hard tips. A limit stop plate on the head of the spanner acts as a holding function which supports the nut within the jaws making it easier to connect the nut to the bolt without dropping or loosing it. Using the same stop-plate, the Joker is able sit atop the bolts without the need to use the thumb to assist as a depth stop.

At present, there are only 4 spanners available in the range, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm and 19mm as well as a complete set of all 4 in a protective wallet. These have been chosen as the most common sizes used today but more sizes will be following later.

For more details or to purchase the Wera Joker Combination Wrench, visit: https://www.transtools.co.uk/hand-tools/engineering-automotive/fixed-head-ratchet-spanners/wera-joker-combination-ratchet-spanner-wrench-4-piece-set

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